Special Delivery


CH. Special Delivery Yves

1st place baby BTRN 2012
3th place puppy BTCB 2013
4th place Youth NBTC 2013
1st place youth BTRN, best male and BOB BTRN 2013
1st place 11/14 months NBTC YoungDogDay, BOB winner Bep Bouma Bokaal
Winner clash of the titans, Merlindan Trophy voor best gefokte bullterrier 2013 BTRN
Afgevaardigd Trophy show UK 2014 voor de international Trophy
Winner of the Ch Kingfarms Bonny Boy Trophy voor de best gekleurde bullterrier reu van het continent CETS 2014
1st place intermediare classe BTRN 2014
BTCB 2015 open show, 1st place open classe, Best Male, BOB , BIS
Steadfast Thomas of Hardra Memorial trophy for best colored male and Dr Cohen Memorial trophy for best Bull Terrier 2015 @ NBTC
1st place open BTRN, best male and BOB BTRN 2015